Overcoming Fear and Starting a Business

Overcoming Fear and Starting a Business

Biblical Principles for Business and Bible Verses Every Small Business Owner Needs Faith and Christian business do have a place in the world. Not only is there room for Christian business leaders, but I believe there is a shortage of Christian business leaders who not only conduct their business with maximum integrity but also stand firm in their public eye of conviction and love for Christ.  Overcoming fear and starting a business takes courage and faith,
Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Becoming a customer-focused, one-to-one enterprise is not something that will ever be fully “achieved.” Being customer-focused is not a destination for a company, but a direction in which to point the business. And you’d be in good company, customer focused companies make up some of the largest companies around the globe.  According to Talk desk, if you want to join the ranks customer-focused success like Amazon, Apple, USAA, Hilton, and Marriot one day you’ve got to

Content Length: Are Long Posts Really Better For SEO?

What’s The Ideal Article Or Blog Post Length For SEO? When it comes to seach engine optimization/ SEO thousands of people have asked and are asking the same question. How many words should your web pages have for the best ranking? One of my article writers raised her concern that her articles might not be ranking well on the search engines because they were short. She said further that after the Penguin and Panda updates, that

5 Great Ways Freelancers Can Save More Money

They can save money as freelancers but are often a challenge. Here are 5 easy ways to save money as a freelancer who can work more dough for you. Freelancing can be a great way to bring in extra income that can meet a variety of different needs. I’ve seen people working freelance to pay debts, get extra retirement money, or just spend more money – and everything in between. Extra money can be significant, but

5 Money Tips That Will Save Freelancers

By 2020, it’s expected that freelancers will be 50 percent of the entire workforce. The gig economy continues to outperform traditional corporate growth. And while independent work and the associated autonomy are not without charm, it does not come with financial security, health care, paid vacation and systematic funding for your later retirement. Freelancers – a broad group of lawyers, writers, IT workers, designers and virtually anyone working daily or professionally – may value the freedom

Today’s 5 Common Myths About Social Security

Without question, there are many misconceptions about the 2,728 social security laws and the many rules and exceptions to them. Nevertheless, a lot of misinformation is accepted as truth there. Understanding the specifics of the social security program is essential to a successful retirement. Here are some of the most common myths you probably believe but should not. MYTH 1: The retirement age is 65, which is the highest amount. Nope. The traditional retirement age was