Nevada Steps Up to Internet Gambling

Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Betting on basic human impulses. Nevada took a major step toward legalizing online gambling this week when its legislature voted to let the Nevada Gaming Commission license casinos to operate on the Web. It’s unclear exactly when Internet gambling will become legal, but the expected move could translate into even bigger bucks for casinos and a new outlet for those addicted to games, horse races, and lotteries. And it’s one

Don’t Expect Relief From Cluttered In-boxes

One Man’s Spam Don’t expect relief from cluttered in-boxes any time soon. The onslaught continues: OWN YOUR OWN INTERNET CASINO; Get Paid Cash Working From Home; You’re going on vacation! Millions (billions?) of unsolicited emails flow unabatedly into clogged in-boxes across the land, hogging bandwidth and annoying the masses. Spam, it seems, has won. Despite a cottage industry of combative filtering software and the crusades of organizations like junkbusters and, it looks like we’re fated
Unaffording The Affordable Jacques Nasser

Unaffording The Affordable Jacques Nasser

Despite his early stumbles with ebusiness strategies, Ford’s iron-willed CEO is determined this time around to make the Net pay off. Deborah Swan, William Scoffman Talk about your New Economy odd couples: Jacques Nasser, chief executive of Ford Motor, standing arm-in-arm with onetime-billionaire Jerry Yang of Yahoo!, TV cameras rolling, photographers’ flashes pinging off their faces. The unlikely duo stood and beamed before a crowd at the Detroit auto show early last year to announce a

Kellogg’s Hopes Online Efforts Will Create Serial Eaters

Crunch Time for Kellogg’s For years, cereal makers have used Saturday-morning cartoons as advertising prime time. But this month, Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg’s took it one step further, allowing an animated feature film to become the inspiration for a brand-new cereal. Kellogg’s introduced the first Disney-licensed cereal, “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” which is comprised of oats with chocolate Atlantean alphabet pieces. Together with Burbank, Calif.-based Walt Disney Pictures, Kellogg’s is promoting the breakfast food and the
Zany Brainy – Putting Toys In The Attic

Zany Brainy – Putting Toys In The Attic

Why did Zany Brainy buy a struggling $35-million company? Ask the leaders who just filed for bankruptcy — and the advisors. The bankruptcy filing last week by Zany Brainy didn’t surprise many people. The owner of 188 toy stores, which are fixtures in suburban shopping centers, Zany went public during the heady IPO market of mid-1999 and then started to sink. It has never been profitable except during holiday season, its comparable-store sales have stunk since

Rethinking the Old Rules of Business (Part II)

The Internet hasn’t changed business as much as some would have us believe, but if you think it’s back to business as usual, think again. Once upon a time, we were told the Net would change everything. Right. That line turned out to be warm swill, served up mostly by dotcom investors. But the idea that nothing has changed is equally flat. You can’t ignore the fact that new technologies impose new stresses upon how we