Self Storage in Highland Village, Texas

Self Storage in Highland Village, Texas If you are trying to find a place to live or an apartment that will be simple to keep, consider self-storage in Highland Village, TX. This suburb of Dallas is an ideal spot for renters who don’t need to take care of living in a home but need somewhere to keep things such as lawn care toys and supplies to protect their belongings and be able to keep them away

Strategies for Finding the Perfect Storage Units

Strategies for Finding the Perfect Storage Units If you’re considering investing in your future, it is essential to decide on the perfect type of self-storage units. You’ll find yourself paying more for storage than you need to if you don’t. It would help if you thought about several things when renting a storage unit in Highland Village, Texas. These include the number of cars and the size of your car or truck you intend on storing

It’s (Still) a Family Affair for the Schurz Clan

Todd Schurz didn’t plan on getting into the newspaper business. Even with the South Bend Tribune in his family for five generations, Schurz considered other lines of work. But after earning his MBA in marketing and management from the Wharton School in 1989, he realized he’d be heading back to South Bend, Ind., to join the family business. “The decision for me boiled down to whether I liked the family business,” he says. “And I do.”

Upscale Rotogravure

As cable television devolves into narrowcasting and magazines increasingly aim at a segmented market, newspapers are joining the trend with their own way of targeting demographics: starting up magazines designed to appeal to just a slice of their readership-or, in some cases, a readership different from their own. Take The Miami Herald’s glossy upscale quarterly, Good Life, which premiered this spring with a 60,000-copy press run. Produced by the Herald’s editorial staff and its ads sold

The Game

If a serious news organization decides to name its Web site Hot CoCo, it had better be damn good. After all, it’s hard to imagine newshounds logging on to the Web and bypassing simple yet memorable addresses, such as or, and heading instead for something called Luckily for the Contra Costa Times, the Walnut, Calif., newspaper that launched Hot CoCo as an online supplement to its print publication, the site is getting rave

Naturalizing Readers: New Americans targeted by big-city dailies

Ask any newspaperman and he’ll tell you: Immigration is hot copy. Headlines predict the deployment of National Guardsmen as border patrol; columnists debate the English-as-official-language amendment; editorial cartoons from both liberals and conservatives depict boatloads of potential U.S. citizens sailing towards Lady Liberty; and news and feature writers cast newcomers as either job-grubbers or models of the kind of ingenuity and drive upon which this nation was founded. But somewhere between editorial nativism and mosaic-speak, American