Marketing Management Consulting Allen Texas

Marketing Management Consulting Allen Texas

Allen is a city in Collin County, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. As the area continues to grow so do the number of businesses. Marketing and business management consulting are becoming more in demand. What’s the best company you should trust with your digital marketing?

D’Vaughn Bell CEO of Marqui Management suggests his marketing firm believes in adding value. “Business management, marketing, and consulting are about putting your clients first. Put yourself in their shoes and also provide external feedback the company wouldn’t get without outsourcing,” says Bell.

Marketing Management Consulting

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Accelerating growth through marketing effectiveness

As a former corporate marketer and agency management expert, Marqui Management recognizes the importance of third-party opinions in challenging, often emotionally charged performance or relationship issues, both on the corporate and agency sides. We also acknowledge the challenge that business consultants, who may not have the expertise in this area, are traditionally involved. That’s why we’ve focused on the practice of marketing management consulting. What we do is unique for two reasons: We practice “Smart Empathy” As a strategic marketing consultant, we are closely associated with the customer’s brands and the daily challenges. All our consultants bring in the acquired knowledge as experienced marketers and former agency managers. We can turn recommendations into reality. We have the resources to implement the approved recommendations and manage the associated changes. In short, we can help achieve what we recommend. We understand marketing consulting as a complex ecosystem that requires more than just one-time services. Our specialties extend to:

Agency Relationship Management

A customer’s relationship with their communications company is one of the most complexes in the business world, requiring a high degree of collaboration between both parties to make it useful and sustainable. An essential aspect of marketing success is that clients and agencies maintain good working relationships. Optimizing customer relationships is a core component of marketing management consulting and includes a full range of analysis and management services available. There are many reasons why a customer-agency relationship could fail. From undisciplined agency compensation practices to false expectations, it is far too easy for a client and agency to get off track, resulting in a lack of trust and loss of productivity. We specialize in performance audits to help companies determine if there are gaps in their current relationships and how they can be resolved for them. Moreover, customer-agency relationship reviews that provide a user-friendly method for continuously monitoring satisfaction and performance to solve potential issues before they become unsolvable. When it’s necessary to search for a new, compatible marketing partner, Marqui Management can simplify the agency search and selection process to create the most strategic match between partners while minimizing disruptions to daily business. An essential part of the process is the benchmarking and negotiation of SOW development and agency compensation. We have an arsenal of proprietary tools that we work with successfully. And we do that in the interest of the customer as a center. We are agent-neutral, do not accept candidate fees, and believe that pay-for-play models jeopardize the integrity of agency search requests.


Marqui Management Allen, TX

Maintain valuable customer and agency relationships

For years, Marqui Management has been helping outcomes-oriented companies evaluate, evaluate, repair and manage their agency relationships to make a significant contribution to business success. We understand – and will improve – factors that help create compatible and sustainable games between crucial agency partnerships. Why? After all, today we are the only consulting firm that knows the marketing discipline first-hand and works in a leading corporate marketing function, former agency management and global consulting firm focused solely on marketing discipline. Our people help you optimize marketing spend and benefits, and help you evaluate, deliver, and train your business in all areas of customer-agency relationship optimization. With know-how that includes media formats, industries, and regions, we can help you:

Ensure stronger partnerships

Inevitably, relationships encounter impassable terrain. Poor leadership, uninspired strategic advice, diminished creative quality, missteps, bottlenecks and organizational restructuring can all lead to a worsening of client-agency relationships. Some relationships will not exist. But difficulties do not necessarily mean that the partnership must be abandoned. At Marqui Management, we provide you with objective analysis to help you decide where to build your agency relationship – whether it’s repair and rebuilding or transition and development. To maintain a long-term agency relationship where legacy data and a history of past successes only require a simple retrofit of employees or a return visit to the results to get back on track. We would like to add that the course correction is much more cost-effective for the organization and can ultimately revitalize all parties involved in the relationship. Our real-time, scalable customer-agency relationship assessment and management system provides a comprehensive, fully customizeable 360 ° evaluation of existing partnerships for:

  • Measure engagement and confirmation of agency performance throughout your organization
  • Evaluate agency performance in your business areas, brands and regions
  • Enable benchmarking and performance tracking
  • Deliver useful information and insights
  • Produce KPIs that are linked to marketing ROI and incentives
  • Improve the engagement and motivation of your team (both customers and agencies)
  • Offer advice and agency relationship management training

Find a real partner, not just a provider

The right digital marketing agency partner has the power to bring your brand to life, revive sales and gain market share. As one of the leading advertising agencies in the US, Marqui Management has been helping companies find strong agency partners for years. We are proud to have expanded the agency search category with a customer-focused focus and since then have been leading the customer-agency relationship management. Our work with each client involves a deep commitment to finding the best possible game, not just the “hottest” agency on the block at a particular time or one that has a special financial connection with our company. The simple truth is that, unlike most agency search consultants, we do not include agency fees in our database or consulting. In our opinion, it is not in the interest of our clients to charge an agency for a fee (“pay for play”). Our customized and unbiased agency search and selection process provides an agency based on your individual needs and goals, minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day business. Through our comprehensive and proprietary database, we track the opportunities of agencies, employee movement, customer activity and more. Based on a comprehensive assessment of your needs, we then create an ideal agency model to model companies and introduce only the candidates that are compatible and qualified. Time-challenged executives and strategic sourcing staff will tell you that unfocused RFIs or RFPs are a waste of time – indicating a lack of direction and consensus among the right candidates for you. Finally, our agency review process looks at candidate agencies that are culturally, creatively, and functionally fit for the job. We remain objective, conflict-free and agent-neutral in the assessment and selection of a variety of marketing partners from all disciplines:

  • Advertising
  • Media Services
  • Digital/Interactive
  • Social Media
  • Direct Marketing
  • CRM
  • Public Relations
  • Multi-cultural
  • Brand and Identity
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Other specialties

Where fairness and flexibility come to the table

Agency work is not a static phenomenon. It fades and flows as marketing needs change. Moreover, so should advertising agency compensation. However, compensatory elasticity often becomes a sensitive topic that can hurt or even destroy an agency relationship. With Marqui Management’s extensive experience on both sides of the customer-agency relationship and our extensive database of agency compensation models and benchmarks, work order resolution and productivity analysis, we can evaluate and communicate compensation issues effectively. If there is a dispute over the compensation of the agency, we can bring both parties together without opposition or resentment. Our compensation services include:

  • Agency Compensation Model Design and Assessment
  • Compensation Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • Internal Strategic Sourcing Buy-In
  • Statement of Work Development
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration

Balance agencies with expectations

The only company with an agency compensation methodology that integrates cost and labor cost factors, Marqui Management can reconstruct SOWs to determine the staffing levels of the agency required to perform the associated workloads. Our internet marketing agency compensation benchmarks are more than the cost per hour, as we are concerned with what is typically and typically is necessary for the agency’s performance. With years of experience, we can help your business validate and verify that you get what you pay for (cost per hour, overhead and profit margin regardless). In a nutshell, agency compensation cannot be adjusted or validated unless agency costs and staffing levels are in line with SOW requirements. Our benchmarks are based on a model built from hundreds of negotiated contracts (not rate cards) and SOWs and updated annually to allow comparison by:

  • Agency Size
  • Geography
  • Type of Advertiser
  • Type of Marketing
  • Hours per FTE
  • Hourly Rates by Function
  • Effective Commission Rates
  • Overhead Costs
  • Operating Profit/Margin
  • Incentive Compensation (e.g., by the size of budget, industry, criteria)

With a clear SOW, you and your agency will be less prone to crippling stops and launches, eliminating time-consuming multi-person discussions on minor issues. You and your agency partner should focus on the difficult task of improving your business position in the market rather than the cost of versioning iterations.


Marqui Management Allen, Texas

Marketing Organization Support

Through marketing management consulting, optimizing and managing a well-organized, well-trained marketing team can result in higher productivity and higher sales. Marqui Management specializes in marketing benchmarking and best practices. We are also working on optimizing the structures and processes of the marketing organization that are critical to a successful and productive work environment. Also, our interim managers fill in the gaps while essential roles of the organization are free and the recruitment of qualified candidates is slow. Our contribution is twofold: (1) a bridge in leadership for those working in marketing communications to ensure that the workflow remains stable and up-to-date and (2) first-hand employees in the department for first-hand analysis to see more about the quality of their thinking and their output. Click here to learn more about our Marketing Organization Support Practice.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

The digital age gives everyone a more unobstructed view of a brand’s performance because of the simplicity and quantity of data acquisition. New and improved tools and a variety of channels also have a profound impact on how the consumer receives information. Perception moves from a consumer who influences the brand to one who is better informed and more actively involved in brand promise. We help companies address this emerging trend and transform the “data explosion” into actionable, relevant learning processes that can be used to build models for future growth. In this segment of our offers are:

  • ROI Analysis
  • Strategy Support
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Media Mix Modeling
Focus on success

Companies that are successful are constantly evaluating themselves and metrics are the cornerstone of the function. At Marqui Management, we have the tools and rigor to analyze marketing output, establish critical action, and create a foundation for sustainable business success. From strategic marketing communications audits to optimizing the media mix, we work with you to make sure people, messaging and media are on the right path. Our thorough analysis means that you get recommendations based on hard data, not estimates, to help you:

Turn data into actionable insights
  • Get an objective analysis of the impact, consistency, and appropriateness of internal and external messages
  • Use tailor-made research to determine where to stand against your competition or categories
  • Create a sustainable platform to ensure synergies between the media
See a higher return on impact

As media channels and consumer behavior change, it has become even more critical for marketers to understand the ROI throughout their work. However, even with more data available, transforming information into actionable information remains a complicated process to realize. That’s because the calculation of marketing ROI is not just a matter of cost and return. It is a complex, interconnected system that requires multiple concurrent inputs and considerations. At Marqui Management, we understand the nuances inherent in the calculation of marketing ROI. For example, finding the ROI within a campaign is much more comfortable than calculating the long-term impact of brand marketing. In certain situations, you may be willing to lower your short-term return on marketing products with higher lifetime value. It’s about knowing when and where to make value calculations and adjust spending accordingly. Effective ROI calculations are far removed from the simple online ROI calculators that multiply. This kind of data analysis is one of the most useful tools you can rely on to make the most of every dollar spent and to understand and predict the impact of future changes.

Increase the effectiveness of the marketing strategy

Strategically focused communication is critical to the success of your business. Over time, however, your communication efforts may become unfocused, internally focused, or just poorly executed.

Marqui Management can provide an objective, independent analysis of the impact, consistency, and appropriateness of your internal and external messages. Besides, we can evaluate the people, structures, processes and agencies you rely on to create communications news and materials.

Services include:

  • News and media review and analysis
  • Including marketing costs and marketing analysis
  • communication planning
  • Among the specialties is the media mix modeling
  • News strategy
  • Evaluation of employee and agency competencies
  • Marketing management consulting and employee training
  • Competition and Best Practice News Analysis
  • Design and workflow processes for communication and marketing organizations
Measure the influence with tailor-made research

The best marketing plans are based on extensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. A robust competitive assessment is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Marqui Management can help you to identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to those who compete for votes and wallets. Depending on your needs, our commitment can range from consulting with in-house researchers to practical, turnkey assessments. The resulting knowledge forms the basis for your marketing strategy and implementation plans. It can also be used to identify best practices that could inspire your business to deliver better, more innovative services and solutions. The research programs we have developed include:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Consumer behavior and usage analysis
  • Corporate Awareness Benchmark and Tracking
  • Brand Attribute Check / Laddering
  • Best Practices and Peer Studies
  • Competitive costs and analysis of language components
  • Review of agency remuneration
Accurate focus on your media issues

Marqui Management provides comprehensive and comprehensive analytical expertise to help our clients understand and predict media performance. Understanding how a message weaves through various media builds on it. By using this combined effect, marketers can increase the return on their investment. Media mix modeling takes into account how media collaborates synergistically to calculate marketing ROI more accurately. Examining historical media performance data provides a more accurate way to predict future sales or leads. In fact, mixed media models, if created correctly, are typically more than 95 percent accurate. This type of modeling can help you fine-tune your marketing channel strategy to move money from one medium to another based on results rather than estimates. On average, media mix modeling can help customers reduce cost per acquisition by 10 to 15 percent while increasing overall revenue or ROI by 15 percent or more. Most importantly, media mix modeling takes into account all media to achieve a positive ROI, even media that are traditionally considered unobservant, such as print, radio or PR.

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