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Let’s Golf! 3- Android game

Let’s Golf! 3 – is a continuation of the best golf simulator which invites you to Japan to subdue holes in gardens of a blossoming Oriental cherry. You can create a unique character thanks to settings, which allow to choose not only the sex, the name and the appearance of your character, but also the attributes accompanying him in the game. Each three-dimensional playground is perfectly worked out, however, as well as picturesque landscapes from the Great Wall to an outer space. In total in the game there can be up to four players. They can be both opponents from the Internet, and connected to your game process by means of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Throw balls into holes, using as smaller number of blows as possible, and get prize-winning places, and also a reward which will allow you to dress up your character for getting an opportunity to earn even more money. In the game there’s very realistic physics, and all actions should be done only after you learn the speed and the wind direction. In the game there’s also remarkable graphics, excellent registration of the game scenes and the world around. Soundtrack is also at the highest level.

Game demands cache downloading (How to install a game with cache?), but as different smartphones require different cache – you need wi-fi that the game could download cache suitable for your device.

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