Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Keywords, Key Phrases, Keyword Phrases: Is There A Difference?

It used to be that keywords and keyword phrases were an invisible part of a website. As part of the HTML, they were only there for search engine spiders to pick up. When it became apparent that the number of keywords also mattered, people would just write them at the bottom of the text as white text on white background a dozen or more times so that the search engines would see it and respond.

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Well, those days are long gone. In fact, adding a site or article with just keywords like that will have the opposite effect, banning the site altogether. So what good are keywords and keyword phrases now? They are still one of the best tools available for getting your website noticed by the search engines.

Now, however, the quality of writing is also required. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, a term every Internet marketer is bound to run into sooner or later. Basically, it revolves around using keywords and keyword phrases in order to make sure the search engines find your site.

If done properly, it also helps to get your website get a high page rank so that people have a better chance of finding it and clicking through to it. From that point, it’s up to you to make sure they stay there and hopefully find what they need, i.e., purchase from you.

Now what kind of keywords or keyword phrases are you looking for? Since these are what people use to find information on the Internet, you need to find the ones they are using. Ideally, you want keywords that match their search words so that your website comes right up and the way to find them is to do some research with one of the Internet’s free keyword tools.

What you need are keywords with high demand and low supply. If you check the Google keywords tool or one of the other free resources online, you’ll be able to enter a keyword you’re interested in. You’ll then see how many people are searching for it as well as a list of related ones.

With this information, you can find out how much competition those keywords and keyword phrases have. Just do a web search for them and see how many hits come back. SEO is all about choosing the right keywords so you can make sure that people can find your products or services by getting high page ranks. You can help this process along by taking the time to do this keyword research.

For example, you may have a website devoted to holistic healing, using that as your keyword phrase. You may be offering ebooks on meditation, and herbal remedies but find out that no one is coming to your website. Why is that? Because people looking for herbal remedies or meditation techniques to help with stress aren’t using holistic healing as their search term. Chances are anyone that does use that phrase isn’t interested in what you have to offer so they won’t buy anything. Hopefully, this example will help illustrate how important it is to do the research and choose your keywords and keywords phrases carefully.

As part of an ongoing SEO marketing campaign, the value of keywords and keyword phrases cannot be overstated. The research you spend in finding the ones that work best for your website or blog will be some of the best time spent in building up your business and drawing as many customers as you can.

All you have to do is make sure that when they get there, your customers find quality products or services, relevant information, and a reason to return as loyal customers.

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Posted by on March 26, 2011