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Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools For Startups

There are a variety of Internet marketing tools available, and they are suited for the total beginner as well as the successful affiliate. In fact, unlike some careers where your skill set changes over time as you move up the ladder, so to speak, in Internet marketing, the skills, and tools you start with stay with you. You only develop them further so that you become better at using them. And that is the crucial thing to remember. Once you learn how to put these essential Internet marketing tools to work, you’ll be on your way to success. From then on, experience and necessity will help you hone and refine your skills.

Internet marketing is a business, and as such, precise tools are required to perform it well. Let D’Vaughn Bell help you through the process with his free mini Internet Marketing course.

Your first Internet marketing tool should be your domain name. This is chosen carefully because as an Internet marketer, you should be trying to brand yourself in a niche that you wish to work within. This means that your domain name should identify that niche as closely as possible.

If you plan on working in the health niche, for example, your domain name should reflect that. This way, when people do a search, your domain name could show up favorably in the search results and lead potential viewers to your site. Of course, this also depends on how well you promote your website.

As part of your promotion efforts, strong keywords are the next Internet marketing tools in your growing arsenal. Once you decide on your niche, do some keyword searches by using Google or other keyword tools to find out what people are searching for. Choosing the keywords people are using will help promote your site by assisting in your page ranking in search engines.

For your ongoing online marketing efforts, not only your website but anything else you write or use, such as articles and blog posts, should make use of keywords. After all, if no one can find your site, no one can take advantage of what you have to offer.

Article marketing is considered by many affiliates to be one of the most useful Internet marketing tools. With this tool alone, you can become quite successful if you are diligent and learn it well. Basically, with article marketing, you write keyword rich articles and submit them to various article directories. These articles have links to your website so that people can go from your articles to your website and can become potential customers.

Another benefit is that search engines love sites with links. With each article providing links back to your website, this increases the chance of your website placing well in search engines. Links to other forums, and related websites as you network your efforts will help even more. The more networked your website via articles and backlinks, the better.

Writing a regular blog that is related and has links back to your website is an Internet marketing tool that some affiliates ignore to their detriment. Google also loves regularly updated blogs because updated content is preferred over a static site in web searches. Use your blog to attract readers, promote affiliate links to products, promote your website, and to link to related forums. Your blogging efforts can become the central hub of your web advertising efforts, linked to your articles as well. The search engines will love all the backlinks and regular new content.

One more highly used and a recommended tool is the list. Of all the Internet marketing tools, this one has the potential to explode your customer base, providing you with a list of people already open to possibly purchasing your products or services. Using an opt-in page, which captures a visitor’s name and email address, you compile a list of people that have demonstrated an interest in your site.

You offer them something free in exchange, such as a report or small ebook related to your website, thus keeping their interest. Then, each time you update your site or blog with new products and information, they are notified, can return, and purchase if interested. You can increase the efficiency of this tool by also sending out regular newsletters updates via an autoresponder.

With just this list of Internet marketing tools, you can be well on the way to enhancing your promotion efforts, building your business up, and attracting more customers than you have before. You may even join the ranks of the Internet professionals making a large income each month with their Internet marketing businesses.

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