Important Page Authority Factors

Important Page Authority Factors

In this installment, we will discuss what is Page Authority and how can it influence your ranking and can be manipulated and tested for better results? How important is Page Authority to your internet marketing efforts? What is PageRank? How do they relate to each of these important subjects? These are very good questions that deserve answers so we can gain insight from these topics to help us determine how important Page Authority really is to increase website traffic and increase profit!

In this short article, we will discuss what exactly are Page Authority and how it relates to your SEO efforts, specifically and how it can be affected by various factors? First of all, Page Authority is an indicator of the search engine ranking of a page is relative to. It was developed by Google to measure the link quality of your website relative to others in your industry. If you rank higher than your competitors, you are in essence trusted more by potential customers and clients because of this trust. Also, if you talk about domain authority there is an intricate machine learning system which is used to recognize the most effective algorithm which can correlate the individual page authority across millions of SERPS.

This means that it basically gives you a score that represents your page authority as a whole. The higher your score, the more trusted you are considered by the search engines. You will see this on the search engine rankings such as SERP’s. The higher the scores, the more popular your site will be. It is actually in the SERPS that people will look first for links.

Page rank on its own is not the main factor which determines your SERP rank but what it does mean is how much importance your site holds relative to all the other pages. Now if we talk about domain authority, then we come upon another interesting fact. Domain names hold a special importance in SEO rankings. Each individual domain has a high rank in SERP’s when compared to its competitor domains.

Page Authority is an important factor that can determine your SEO score rank. A certain weight is given to each page, which is specified in the specific website design, content and keyword density. The higher the score, the more popularity your links have and the more importance it holds in the eyes of the search engines.

Page Authority must be known by all marketers.

We should also understand one thing that when we talk of “inbound links” what we are actually talking about the links that are found outside of your website. Some websites are so well optimized that they are stuffed full of inbound links, which are useless. These unnecessary backlinks are called “nofollow links”. Therefore, before you optimize a new web page or optimize an existing website, you should make sure that you get rid of all these nofollow links.

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