How Much To Expect From Trading Forex

How Much To Expect From Trading Forex

High-Risk Against Higher Expectations

Personally, I have made 2,500% in two weeks, with draw-down as high as 16% of the account. To many professional traders, that’s a high-risk trading strategy. In my first 6 months, my account accumulated just over 50,000% growth. That’s the type of growth George Soros’ first fund amassed over a few years. Again, that is also considered high-risk.

Foreign exchange trading is the most liquid market in the world. High levels of activity and fluctuations make it possible for growth like this, but as I said, be realistic. Just because it is possible to double your account in one trade, don’t expect that. Once you start expecting results from the market, you’ll begin a very long trip heading downhill towards failure.

Keep that thought at the back of your mind. Concentrate on 1 to 6% a day. You can do that by placing one trade per day. I know it’s easier said than done. With so much volatility you might feel like you’re always leaving money on the table. Let me ask you this though, is it better to miss out on an opportunity because it did not fit your trading strategy, or is it better to lose money because you were impatient?

If taking investment advice from a billionaire is logical to you then listen to what billionaire Warren Buffet said.

“Rule number one, never lose money. Rule number two, never forget rule number one.”

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Posted by on May 11, 2017
D'Vaughn Bell