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Global Currenciez LLC or GC was a former public trading group offering trade signals and mentorship (built by traders for traders). Since our initial launch in April of 2016, we have transcended into a more professional group of traders.

Our firm houses brokers, analysts, and traders with more than 15 years of individual trading expertise, investment management services, financial education, mentorship, technology and arguably one of the more valuable assets, our community.

Collectively our network consists of both new and experienced traders in addition to investors.

Job security has no guarantee, but economic uncertainty does. With the right resources, one can become sufficient enough to take on the worst economic conditions.

That is why we teach the art of trading and investing in debt securities, equity securities, and derivatives which include commodities, private equities, indices, futures, currencies, stocks, real estate, bonds, and funds.

Our commitment holds true for every asset class, whether you want to learn how to trade or learn how to invest. We also hold opportunity for each wealth class with our range of products and services, catered to your risk strategy and preferential investment type.


We provide all the resources you need to become self-employed.

Investment Management

Institutional-grade asset and account management performed right by expert traders and technology.

Personal Funding

Get qualified for loans and personal lines of credit to take the stress off from firing your boss.

Currency Exchanges

Exchange or convert your preferred currency into any fiat or digital currency using our technology.

Legal Resources

Get convenient access to a network of financial and legal professionals that are waiting to help.

Private Banking

Highly personalized financial and banking services matched with unique wealth management services.

Brokerage Services

Enjoy using a brokerage that offers clients better pricing, lowest spreads, and more instruments.


Every reputable company has a blog, and we call ours “The Exchange.” The Exchange is where we offer free, yet very-valuable tips and insight into the markets, trading, news, and just some information to keep you motivated. These three posts below are perhaps some of the most important reads for new traders.

How Much To Expect From Trading Forex

In the high-risk, high-yield markets, the idea of becoming rich overnight is prominent. You won’t find this anywhere else. Trading is a lifestyle.

The Cold Truth About Forex Strategies

Don’t go chasing the latest new strategy like many other amateur traders. Focus on what less than 5% do – solid education and trading principles

The Top 5 Successful Forex Billionaires

Billionaires do exist in the Forex market! Many have tried, but only a few have amassed empires through this volatile exchange, here’s how they did it.


  • 31 % Growth: The average compounded monthly growth of our professional traders.
  • 94% Success: Our quality programs and resources make beginners successful.
  • 40% Rewards: Loyalty gets rewarded to our members with unique offers and bonuses.


We are a firm; believers in learning and teaching, responsible for ourselves and the greater good of the community.


To simplify investments and trading strategies, build and diversify portfolios that fit our three trading principles.


Our elite team, unique platform and professional resources will help you learn, grow and take advantage of the most lucrative financial market available. Are you serious about building your portfolio?

Hurry, for a limited-time we are offering exclusive discounts and offers.



40 % Referral Commissions

Share your experience from our services and earn a 40% commission.

We really value our relationships. Refer an investor to Global Currenciez and earn 1% of their deposit.

Deposits must be in a licensed and regulated broker account.

Risk Management

Professional analysis, minimization and elimination of unacceptable risks.

Equity Protection

Another layer of account protection which guards 90% of your investment.

Elite Education

Master the most effective and successful investment and trading techniques.

Account Monitoring

True experts in maximizing the performance and growth of your investments.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission: Futures, options, stocks and foreign currency (forex) trading have large potential rewards, but carry large risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the forex/ futures, stocks and options markets. Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose.

Mailing Address
  • PO BOX, 696
    Frisco, TX 75034
  • (469) 850-1500
  • Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 22:00
    Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Global Currenciez University | Quit Your Job

Want to see more of our award-winning platform? Level up your training with 5 core courses, 86 dense lesson plans, and counting.

Online Trading Education

Whether you’re interested in learning how to trade Forex, Stocks, Bitcoin, or any other financial instrument, we have you covered. Global Currenciez University (GCU) will teach you everything you need to know about the world’s financial markets.

You’ll learn both the retail and institutional sides of each market so that you can master your own effective strategy. With the right combination of technical and fundamental analysis you will become a consistently profitable trader.

Along with financial market education you will be quizzed and tested on one of the most important aspects of trading, trader psychology or the trader’s mindset.

All the education and training in the world won’t help you if you are still making rookie mistakes. We show you how to avoid over-trading, emotional trading, revenge trading, and practice safe trading/ investing habits.


Here is a look at what is inside our exclusive University. There are lessons, quizzes, tests, badges, interactive activities, a grading system and a leveling system.

You will have to earn the right the call yourself a trader.



Get access to Global Currenciez University on any device by enrolling through any of our membership plans.

GCU comes with courses you won’t find anywhere online. The market has saturated real trading education with watered down pieces of information that won’t allow you to trade with the peace of mind you deserve.

Trade In Peace

Global Currenciez Forex Brokerage


Some of the many benefits that will increase your profitability as a trader.

Tightest Spreads

We offer clients competitive spreads, enabling you to maximize your potential profits.

After Hours Trading

Our “after hours trading” lets you trade even when the underlying markets are closed.

Wide Range of Order Types

OCOs, if-dones and trailing stops are available. Please note, placing contingent orders may not limit your losses.

Receive Price Improvement

Trade at the price you see, or a better one if the market moves in your favor.

Competitive Margins

Customisable margins so you can adjust the leverage that you desire (upto 1000:1).

Real-time Live Office

We provide a transparent, real-time view and audit trail of all your trading activity, plus the ability to pull reports on-demand.


A broker by traders for traders



The calendar used by traders to track major market moving events and announcements


Advanced market analysis tools and daily chart analysis done by our expert traders


Take advantage of the legal and financial benefits of moving your accounts offshore


We keep your education current with today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving market

Global Currenciez Exchange


Global Currenciez Messenger App

The Global Currenciez Messenger App is completely free and available to all members. Simply use your University (GCU) login details to access the App’s wide range of features.


The mobile App that makes learning, networking, trading and investing much more convenient.

Market Analysis

Analyze the attractiveness and dynamics of the world’s fastest growing market live, in real-time.

Market Forecast

Research in-depth reports and market data to implement a more institutional-fundamental analysis.

Daily Signals

Maintain a profitable portfolio by just pressing a button that implements top trades by experts.


Push Notifications

Stay up-to speed with the world’s fastest market and get notified as every single event unfolds.

Mobile University

Living life on-the-go shouldn’t stop you from learning how to supplement your income by trading.

Elite Community

The only thing more powerful than being a successful trader is being connected to thousands more.


Captivating user experience


“..Unlike anything else”


“..Out of this world”


“..Fast and seamless”



The Global Currenciez Messenger Mobile iOS & Android App are available across all mobile devices and on both the Google Play and Apple Store for FREE.Compatible on all the leading iOS and Android devices, this App is secure and safe to use. Effortlessly switch from desktops to mobile devices as GCM automatically syncs all information from our website to your computer, cell-phone and tablet.

Download the App

Global Currenciez Memberships

Fire Your Boss

A few places our products and services have been featured in.

What you get

Exclusive access to cutting-edge technology and financial based products & services.

Online Education

Get exclusive access to our online trading university.

Daily Signals

Gain access to daily signals ranging through global markets.

Daily Analysis

Experience the benefits of seeing chart and video analysis every day.

Expert Advisors

Membership rewards you with a range of expert advisors that will protect your profits and limit your losses.

Investment Management

This is our automated trading technology, which let’s you benefit from having professionals trade for you.

Messenger App

Download our Global Currenciez Messenger App and access live trade rooms, signals, the university and more.

Bonuses for Helping Others. Earn 40% on Programs and Services

Share your experiences with others. When they become members you can earn commissions among other bonuses.


Perhaps you are a trader with a track record but lack enough capital to trade full-time? By qualifying for our network, you may seed capital or acquire seed money from the company or investors to get your account funded.

Maybe you are someone only looking for an investment vehicle? Our platform will diversify your portfolio, provide intelligent risk management and stable ROI.

If much of this information is new to you or you are not self-employed, our network will guide you in becoming an independent trader/ investor.

By securing your commitment with one of our memberships, you are eligible for our funding program.

We can gather seed capital for you to fire your boss and begin your career as a trader. Another funding option is for us to get you qualified for funding through our network of major banks.

When you qualify, you can secure $2,500 to $500,000 in unsecured personal working capital. The average amount members receive is approximately $75,000. In some cases, you could even qualify for more.

  1. Learn
  2. Invest
  3. Earn
  4. Share

See for yourself

The most affordable pricing

Our promotional prices have been set to fit every budget. Joining now will lock in your price at the reduced rate.

Monthly Plan

No commitment, monthly

  • $299 per month
  • Tax write-off
  • University Access
  • Messenger Access
  • Brokerage Access
  • Funding Program

Lifetime Plan

One-time payment

  • $19,999 one-time
  • + Yearly Plan
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Training
  • Live Conferences
  • (1) Roundtrip Flight
  • (1) Hotel & Meal Accomodations
40% Commissions


Share your experience from our services and earn a 40% commission. We really value our relationships. Refer an investor and earn 1% of their total initial deposit for our Investment Management service.

  • Deposits must be in a licensed and regulated broker account.
  • More Information provided in the welcome package you receieve upon enrolling.
  • Eearn through our Investment Management Profit Sharing Plan and broker spreads.
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