Fake Louis Vuitton bags seized from a popular 5-star hotel in Mumbai

Fake Louis Vuitton bags seized from a popular 5-star hotel in Mumbai

FAKE Louis Vuitton bags confiscated from the official store at a 5-star hotel

If you’ve recently shopped at the Oberoi Hotel’s mall, it could be that the luxury bag you’ve bought is a fake. Most of us have been entirely safe shopping in a 5-star hotel in recent times considering the excellent reputation. In the aftermath of the events, a cruel truth came to light. Many customers who bought the expensive Louis Vuitton bags at a shop in the Oberoi Hotel at Nariman Point complained to LV headquarters in Pari that their bags were in reality counterfeit. LV headquarters in Paris has seized the Enforcers of Intellectual Property Rights (EIPR) in India to explore the gist of the matter.

EIPR is an anti-piracy body known to carry out such raids. To get things out, the EIPR team sent dummy customers and bought some of the products, after that the EIPR officials complained to the police.

A total of 62 bags worth 4,47000 rupees were confiscated and two people arrested. The police arrested two defendants, Ghanshyam Kahar, 47, and Hariprasad Jaiswal, 43, the shopkeepers
Our surprise was that the two of them not only sold these counterfeit products but also made them in a loft in the store right under the nose of the hotel.

The police confiscated monogrammed raw material from which the counterfeit bags, clutches, belts, and wallets were made. “We found rolls of counterfeit Louis Vuitton raw material and linings, and we had instructions from the Louis Vuitton company to review these products and investigate the matter,” a spokesperson for EIPR told a leading newspaper.

DCP Manoj Kumar Sharma (Zone 1) told the leading newspaper that “the store sold fake LV products and a raid was carried out according to the information received.” Two defendants were arrested under sections 51, and 63 of the Indian Copyright Act and investigations are pending. ”

An official from The Oberoi Hotel confirmed the raids, but added, “These are independent shops, and the hotel has nothing to do with it.”

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