Sunday , November 19 2017
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Extreme Skater – Android game

In this game you will ride a skateboard on off road terrain and on the impassable jungle and during driving collect meteorite fragments to use them for acceleration. Your speed will depend on your tricks, for bigger speed you have to do more tricks, everything is very simple. It will be unforgettable adventure, where you will be able to test a lot of adrenaline! In the game there’re 78 levels which will tighten you for a long time. Thanks to that the main character is tied, or perhaps glued to a board, you will be able to carry out various tricks and to slide on rails headfirst. On a game course you will be able to unblock other athletes and boards. The game is excellently issued, game levels are colorful and are traced and detailed, the main character is perfectly animated, his movements look smoothly and quite natural.

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