Deutsche Bank V Forex Billionaire

A real lesson learned from a Forex billionaire, Deutsche Bank V Billionaire Forex Investor With $300 Million Lawsuit. The investor’s fund incurred massive losses in the foreign exchange markets and faced imminent margin calls. Billionaire Forex investor Alexander Vik was served a fresh lawsuit after being let off the hook by a New York judge on 9 March.

The court ruled that Deutsche Bank AG did not adequately serve him a suit of an over $300 million U.K. judgment regarding debts arising from his trades in foreign exchange markets.

In the court hearing last month, the judge dismissed a suit filed by Deutsche Bank against Vik, his wife and his fund, Sebastian Holdings Inc, after the New York residence that Deutsche Bank delivered the court papers to was found not to be the family’s usual place of residence.

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Posted by on April 16, 2016
D'Vaughn Bell