Dangerous – Android Game

Dangerous – an excellent space RPG in which you must plow open spaces in a series of galaxies in the vast universe and fight evil in the face of aggressive aliens. You are a person accused of the death of more than one million people and sentenced to death in cryocapsules. After several centuries in this cryo camera, the day you had to wake up came by. The aliens have found the portals that lead from one galaxy to another, and only the fleet of the Royal Space can stop them and you are the leader. You should choose a ship of 20, which can be further improved by 180 modules, 33 solar systems, 22 tracks, 15 groups fighting each other. Only you decide how you live – to gain piracy or trade, explore the world and travel in a galaxy. A fascinating plot, fine graphics and the soundtrack of the entire orchestra – do not miss it.

Posted by on January 19, 2017