Currency Trading Economic Indicators

Define Economic Calendar: An economic calendar is a calendar that is widely used by traders for tracking various occurrences of major market-moving events. Good investors and traders will research specific events down to the exact date and time of the announcement. This holds a higher chance of profitability, depending on the level of impact the event or announcement will have on the general public, adversely affecting the direction the market will move in.

In Forex or the Foreign Exchange market, currency traders pay more attention to global events. By using an economic calendar, you can see minor and major events that are scheduled to happen in most major countries and how they will impact their respective currency. By trading these news events, you can anticipate when major movements will happen.

United States Economic Indicators

The most influential events or economic indicators are interest rate decisions, NFP) or Non-Farm Payroll numbers, changes to GDP or Gross Domestic Product and (CPI) Consumer Price Index. Here is a full list of different economic indicators in the United States of America that directly impact the value of the USD or United States Dollar.

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Posted by on December 21, 2015
D'Vaughn Bell