Competitive Intelligence and Sales Leads

How Electronic Clipping Services can Help Your Bottom Line

Today more than ever, marketing pro’s must prove that what they do impacts the company’s bottom line. No matter how solid your marketing campaign is, you must garner news and information that supports all areas of your company. To work in conjunction with senior management to track PR and MarCom results – as well as those of your competitors-, then an electronic clipping service might be the solution.

For a single source to monitor all of your print, online and broadcast news coverage, an electronic clipping service could be the answer. You can create custom tracking services that allow you to receive up-to-the-minute information, live leads, and real-time access to key decision makers. Searches are based on keyword criteria you provide, and a variety of methods are used to find the articles and sources that match your terms. Article delivery, format, searching capabilities, and customer service can vary dramatically depending on the service you choose.

In short, electronic clipping services can help you garner serious information and quantifiable metrics without busting your budget. It’s also a great way to optimize your on-the-job performance.

Supporting Your Sales Team

You can show management that your program is generating bottom-line results by developing specific searches that return qualified sales leads. You can also monitor top wire services and enjoy real-time access to key contacts. By sharing your findings with AE’S and sales reps, you can help drive sales and validate specific programs.

Garnering Competitive Intelligence (“CI”)

In a tight economy, the competitions every move becomes much more important, and information becomes critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Get real-time notification when top players in your industry merge, launch new products, announce layoffs, open a call center, or declare earnings. Have the names of key competitors added to your clipping search; then summarize your findings. Use the information to help develop or augment your strategic marketing and communications plan. For more about the value of CI in today’s economy, check out this interesting article. If you’re looking for more information about CI, check out SCIP, the Society of Competitive Information Professionals.

You can monitor your business alone, or an entire industry, and discover who is writing what about your business – and what they are saying. Stay current on government mandates, state laws, and regulation that will affect your business. Follow trends in offline and online media. Capture the pulse of what is hot, and what is not, with your company’s consumers. Bonus: Find new media contacts to pitch your company’s products and story ideas to.

Tracking Your Reputation

By monitoring print publications, broadcast media and online forums for mentions of your company and members of the management team, you can find (and dispel!) rumors, while getting a pulse on consumer attitudes. See if your company’s message is clearly communicated with its publics, and share your findings with Business Development and R&D.; Industry veteran Shel Holtz says it best, “If we are going to leverage the Internet and intranets as communication tools, it is vital that we learn how to monitor, participate in and build the communities that are the heart of the Net.”

Companies always need to track the results of their marketing and media campaigns. But to proactively grow your organization and guarantee future job success, it is essential to show management that what you do means real dollars and makes organizational sense. Get the best return on your investment from your electronic clipping service by gathering sales leads, company coverage, competitive intelligence, market research, and much, much more. For more ideas on how you can become an information superstar, visit Luce Online.

Posted by on December 4, 2002