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A Step-By-Step Guide To Going On-Line

Step 1: Making the Investment Worthwhile Going online can be absurdly simple – some Internet service providers even insert disks with the software you need into business or computer magazines. But to make the investment worthwhile, you must have a purpose in mind. Understanding the Internet, setting realistic goals for your enterprise, recognizing the commitment entailed, and maximizing your efforts are four key steps your small business must take to ensure your Internet venture will be

Security On The Information Superhighway

Security on the Internet is a big issue but, at least for a small business, perhaps not as big an issue as it may seem. Large companies, which have their own computers to electronically coordinate information with offices around the world, have plenty to worry about with so many users in so many places. Because they have to make their machines easily accessible to their own personnel, unauthorized users have ample opportunity to try to break

Demystifying The Internet: Technology Makes A Global Leap

You’ve heard plenty about the burgeoning growth of the Internet, and know that big corporations are sparing no expense to jump on line. After all, not a day goes by without the media trumpeting a new cyberspace alliance, or plans to extend the reach of this much-hyped medium. But learning about an Internet news network under development, or an imminent virtual video games arcade or personalized electronic newspapers doesn’t answer the basic question small business owners

10 Easy Steps To A Friendly Voice Mail System

Just as a dress code, office design or responsive service gives customers an impression of a company, so does its phone system. “A well-designed phone system is fast, easy to use, cost effective and, most important, `caller-friendly,'” claims Maria DeMarco, director of California-based Pacific Bell Voice Mail. “Pinball phone systems drive callers crazy — torture by telephone is definitely passe.” The key, DeMarco notes, is keeping your caller in mind — whether you’re planning a simple

Cover Story: Where The Girls Are

The affection CEO Nancy Deyo feels toward Barbie rivals that of any young girl. It’s in the wake of Barbie Fashion Designer that Purple Moon’s “Rockett” has taken off. For that, Deyo thanks her lucky stars. Nancy Deyo has more than a touch of the Girl Scout leader about her. This 37-year-old president and CEO of Purple Moon, the Mountain View, Calif.-based startup that devises “adventure” software and other entertainment for prepubescent girls, has even been

Super Bowl Smorgasbord

Site: Super Bowl Demographic Target: Men, ages 14 and up Psychographic Target: Sports fans Almost every organized religion has a feast day, a day in which people relax their inhibitions, gorge themselves and celebrate. American men have their own version of this practice, which, of course, is the annual rite known as Super Bowl Sunday. This combination of sport, tribal gatherings of rutting males, and fatty food goes beyond just a mere football game. In