Ascential Software Teams with DWL on Customer Data

Despite the significant time and resources invested, many organizations still lack a true enterprise-wide view and update environment for their customers, resulting in inconsistent service between channels, and lost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Ascential Software Corporation (Nasdaq: ASCL), which provides enterprise data integration systems, today announced that it has entered into a sales and marketing partnership with DWL, a vendor of customer data integration (CDI) hub technology.

Under terms of the agreement, DWL will promote Ascential Software’s Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to customers requiring advanced data integration capabilities. Ascential Software and DWL together aim to help customers achieve real-time, accurate and unified customer information, to improve customer service and drive profitability of customer interactions.

DWL and Ascential Software said they formed the partnership to take advantage of the complementary nature of their products.

Ascential Software’s advanced data profiling, data quality, data transformation, parallel execution, metadata management and SOA capabilities, coupled with the massively scalable DWL Customer hub — which provides more than 400 pre-built services for managing customer data — is an extremely strong combination for solving complex customer-data issues, the companies said.

Unified Customer Information

“In many organizations, the proliferation of channels and back-office  systems has made the task of delivering accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive customer views a challenge,” said Mark Register, chief marketing officer, Ascential Software.

“The Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite meets this challenge by accessing and integrating this data, to provide customer-facing professionals with holistic, reliable, real-time views of individual customer relationships,” he added.

“Unified customer information is a critical foundation for superior, highly personalized and profitable customer interactions,” noted John Baumstark, president and chief executive officer at DWL.

Ascential Software’s product facilitates data integration with other applications and data-quality functions to create a unified customer view, the companies explained, while DWL Customer manages that unified customer view as an operational system of record. It also provides customer data to operational applications via shared business services .

DWL uses Ascential Software’s data-integration system with other applications, as well as data-quality functionality in both real-time and batch.

Enterprise View Still Missing

As part of their transition from product-centric to customer-centric business models, many organizations have invested heavily in CRM solutions . However, many CRM systems were not designed for the complexity of managing individual customers at an enterprise level, said Ascential and DWL. As a result, organizations struggle to overcome issues around data synchronization, multi-channel integration and scalability.

The bottom line is that despite the significant time and resources invested, many organizations still lack a true enterprise-wide view and update environment for their customers, resulting in inconsistent service between channels, lost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and multiple versions of customer truth, the companies point out.

By connecting existing CRM, channel and back-office systems to an enterprise customer hub, DWL Customer manages and provides a single source of knowledge for customer data across multiple business and product silos, the companies said.

As a result, customer interactions can be maximized for optimum profitability — for example, customer-facing professionals can identify high-value customers and households and provide personalized service and sales incentives. DWL Customer also aligns multichannel systems with multi-product back office systems in real-time, providing “once and done” customer processing and a single source of customer truth across the enterprise, the companies claim.

Posted by on April 28, 2005