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Google AdWords Keywords: Choose the Right Keywords with Research Tools

Using Google AdWords keywords can be the key to a successful Internet marketing campaign. This invaluable tool can be used in several ways, but it comes down to the overall strategy of using targeted keywords to attract the attention of the search engines. Once your website content has the proper keywords, your search engine rankings can improve greatly, and you’ll see more traffic coming to your site or blog. More traffic means more potential customers and readers, and that means more potential profit.

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A successful Google AdWords keywords campaign involves using the tools available to find the best keywords, the ones people are using when they are looking for products or information on the Internet. Say, for example, a person needs information about training their dog, perhaps an ebook or a video tutorial and they are willing to purchase something. They are going to open a search engine and enter the words they think will lead them to the information they seek.

And that is where your AdWords keywords research pays off. If they enter the keyword you used to write the content of your website about dog training, continuing the example, they have a much better chance of finding your website. And if you do offer an ebook, either one you’ve written or through an affiliate link, you’ve most likely just made a sale!

How do you choose the right keywords? Rather than hit or miss guessing, the Google AdWords keywords tool helps you by allowing you to enter a phrase to describe your website or the specific content you’re writing for it and see the relevant keywords people are using to search for that content. Of course, you have to be very specific and clear on the theme of your Google AdWords campaign. The more focused your search, the better you can narrow down the best keywords.

You can use the AdWords keyword tool to either find keywords for your own use or to create pay per click ad campaigns to promote your business. If you go the pay per click or PPC route, remember that it can get expensive, especially if you are just starting out and trying to find the right keywords for your target market. With PPC advertising, you use keywords that you pay for each time they come into use. This price can vary widely from ten cents to a dollar or more, depending on how popular the keywords are.

The good thing about using the AdWords keywords tool for a PPC marketing campaign is that you are able to track which keywords are doing well and which aren’t. After you set up the landing pages for potential customers to click through to and read your content, you’ll be able to see which keywords are drawing the most attention.

The PPC ads you use that show up in search engines will also help you attract customers. Again, if something isn’t working, you can track the statistics, make corrections, change keywords, or delete the ad or keywords from your list and try a new approach.

Internet marketing is a risky endeavor, just as starting an offline business. Of course, the risk is much easier financially, but it is still a question of profitable business choices and methods, and using AdWords keywords is just one such proven tool. Whether you use it for PPC ad campaigns or only as a method of finding the right keywords, you should see your efforts paying off.

Blindly advertising without using targeted keywords can be a recipe for failure, just as making bland websites that aren’t able to hold a visitor’s interest. Ideally, once you attract customers with right keywords you’ll be able to offer them something useful, provide an attractive and interactive website that is easy to navigate and give them a reason to return as a loyal customer.

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Posted by on March 20, 2011