3 Ways to Make Money Online

3. Building Websites & Blogging

Among the top ways to make money building your own website and blogging is next. You hear about making money through ads and eBay, eLance, Indeed, Etsy, Craigslist and the list goes on.

There’s nothing wrong with these companies except you have to get in at the right time otherwise you’re wasting your time. You can spend hours even days trying to sell items and services. You can increase your success by marketing yourself but that might cost money that you don’t have.

If you’ve followed the first two methods for making money online, you’ll notice a trend. The process of duplication is powerful. When you start making money it’s important to teach someone else. This is known as network marketing and it’s free if you follow the steps in this article.

Once you’ve completed the first two methods, build a website and start posting your success for the world to see. Put aside some money for marketing to reach more people and share your success with your friends. If you keep your approach genuine, spam and ad-free you will be surprised by the results.

Final Money Making Tips

You don’t always have to have a product to sell. Essentially you might not even be providing a service. As long as what you know is valuable, you can easily and successfully make money online.

Also, STAY AWAY from online surveys and cheap websites. Online surveys will waste your time, if you can actually complete even one survey you won’t get paid until you reach a certain amount of money earned and they’ll make it impossible for you to reach that amount.

Last but not least, if the website is cheap and looks like spam, don’t trust it. If they claim you can make up $5,000 a month working from home then why does it look as though they asked an 8 year old to build a website for them?

Time is money and the time to start making money is Now.

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Posted by on November 1, 2014
D'Vaughn Bell