3 Ways to Make Money Online

The internet is filled with tutorials, some will tell you the truth and some will flat out lie to you. You are serious about making money online but just like everyone else, you value your time and hard earned money.

1. Become Your First Customer

If you haven’t read the book called “Household Gold” by Steve Price you need to buy it and read it immediately! The concept of this book is converting your everyday or monthly expenses for common household items into savings and profits. Sounds fantastic right?

Amazon Associates

First, write down a list of items you spend money on every month. Things such as food, toiletries/personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies (including laundry detergents, etc.) Write down all items including your favorite brand for each item.

After you signup to become an Amazon Associate, start browsing and looking for those items on your list. Amazon has an auto shipping feature which allows you to set how frequently you want to receive those items. For example; let’s say on average you consume a 5lb container of protein every 2 months, and you purchase it through your affiliate link. On average that cost you around $50 every two months. Only now, you can earn anywhere from about 10-20%. So every two months you’re making 6 dollars, from one item, for one person.

Teach this concept to more people and you will earn about 5% on every item they buy on a monthly basis and every item they sell.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips

Amazon doesn’t charge you anything to become an affiliate, it is absolutely FREE and you can teach and build a team to make an extra stream of residual income from stuff you are already spending money on, Amazon is one of the best eCommerce stores and therefore, one of the best ones to work on. Thousands of people visit websites like https://www.raise.com/coupons/amazon everyday just to find the best coupon codes to buy on amazon.

Take this a step further by getting an Amazon Prime membership for free shipping. This will save you gas from going to the store. So what is there to lose?

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Posted by on November 1, 2014
D'Vaughn Bell