3 Effective Church Marketing Strategies

3 Effective Church Marketing Strategies

What is a church marketing strategy? A church marketing strategy is an integrated plan used to convert prospective churchgoers to church membership. Church marketing strategies focus on creating a well-promoted, search engine friendly web site design, which will increase the number of churchgoers as well as build credibility and trust with potential church members.

The most common church marketing plan includes the use of a professional logo designer or graphic designer and the posting of fliers in high-traffic places. These methods will typically create a noticeable difference in the number of people who stop by during church services. This can help church marketing efforts because it creates awareness of the church’s mission and work. In addition to increasing church attendance, church marketing strategies also provide parishioners a venue through which they can get information about past church activities, such as volunteering or how to become a member.

It is important for church marketing plans to include an effective branding system.

For a website to be an effective branding tool, a church logo will be needed. A professional logo designer/graphic designer will be able to design the most appealing logo for the church that is reflective of its mission, beliefs, and charitable donations. The logo should be easy to identify and consistent in color, font, and graphics. To build trust and credibility, the church branding logo should also include the church name and emblem.

Another effective church marketing strategy is the use of websites and social media websites. This strategy’s church marketing strategy would include building the website and using social media websites to promote upcoming events, church news, and church volunteer opportunities. For instance, a church marketing plan might include:

  • Creating a Facebook page for the church.
  • Submitting church invitation postcards to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Using a blog to publish news about the church’s activities.

Another effective church marketing strategy is through video production.

Video production can be used to introduce church members to the church’s activities; videos can also share news about church growth, special events, and volunteer opportunities. Through video production, church members can learn more about how the church works and what the leaders are doing. This strategy provides church prospects with an in-depth look at how the church functions and provides new ways to learn about the faith.

A third strategy is through video marketing.

For this strategy, a church marketing agency can submit a short online video that describes church services, beliefs, services provided, and mission statement. The video may also contain testimonials from church members who have gained spiritual benefits from its participation. The video can be made available for free on YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, and several other online websites. A church marketing agency can create an attractive website that contains the video along with a description and links to other information about the church and/or faith.

Another of the church marketing strategies is through email marketing.

In email marketing, a church marketing company will create and design an email campaign that encourages congregation members to forward the email to their friends and family. The church marketing company may offer a free report about a particular aspect of the church, a free newsletter issue, or a free e-book about a specific aspect of faith and church marketing to encourage referrals. When email recipients open the email, they can see the church marketing company’s logo, website, and current church activities. Through this strategy, church members who receive the email marketing message are more likely to provide contact information for future church services or church growth activities.

Lastly, a church marketing firm may utilize the services of social mediaSocial media provides an opportunity to reach potential parishioners. This type of church marketing strategy is done by using social networking sites to share church growth stories, blog posts, photos, and videos to reach out to new, potential parishioners.

  • This method may also include the posting of promotional ads on social media sites such as Facebook.
  • This church marketing strategy can help a church grow in size and influence.
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